Gill Storr

Graphic Designer and Artist Gill Storr has an accomplished career, spanning 30 years in the design industry. From co-founding a successful design and marketing agency in the 90’s, to freelance graphic design work and private art commissions, Gill has continued to hone her skills as a modern artist. “My art is still evolving, I find a style I enjoy and look for new ways to incorporate my own originality to create ‘one off’ pieces”.

The world of design has given both zest and variation to Gill's work, this is shown across four disciplines: Mixed Media, Oil Pastel, Photography and Photo Abstract. The latter being where her focus is at present. "Having made the small leap from design to art, I have now exhibited and sold my work at local exhibitions. In 2020, I hope to extend this to galleries and personal exhibitions locally”.

07798 722 703