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Arkadiuz Nowicki

Arkadiuz Nowicki

Born in Poland, Arkadiuz now lives and works in the New Forest. He creates his vessels from white stoneware clay, a strong and resilient medium. His desire is to create unique pieces that will stand the test of time, and which he can ’leave behind in the world’ for future generations.

The spectacular vessels have a scale and energy that draws attention, not only to them, but also to the space they occupy. Arkadiuz builds each piece by hand and decorates the amazing sculptural forms with crystalline glazes to create textural layers and colour contrasts. Inspired by nature and using rich blues, ochres, greens and greys, Arkadiuz’s glazes become fluid art forms in themselves.

His aim is to challenge people’s pre-conceived notions of what a jug or vase is: ‘My pieces are not still or inanimate. They are made from the earth and grow from it’

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