Natalie Holmes

Natalie Holmes

Described as a consistently astounding songwriter, Natalie Holmes writes lilting, haunting and yet somehow invigorating pop, with honey toned vocals and an incredible depth to every song.

With an unwavering energy for encouraging inward reflection and growth through her music, Natalie is set to release her debut album ‘Vitamin Be’ this year.

A consistently solid songwriter & musician at her foundation, Natalie Holmes has been releasing music both solo and collaboratively since 2010, with an unwavering energy for encouraging inward reflection and growth through her lyrics. Beginning the journey with grainy covers on YouTube, Natalie now has countless EP’s and singles released under her own name, as well as extensive self-produced demo albums on Bandcamp and Patreon where her close and connected fans support her.

In 2016 Natalie was asked to join Above & Beyond on their Acoustic World Tour as one of their lead vocalists, on account of her ethereal yet heart-wrenching vocals, performing in spaces like the Hollywood Bowl & Royal Albert Hall. Though collaboration with a wide range of electronic genres is something she enjoys making a large part of her musical tapestry, she has also received attention for her solo material from Radio 2 + 6, Record of the Day & Clash, the latter quoting “an inspired return from a songwriter we will enjoy watching develop over the coming months and years”.

In 2020, Tom Robinson gave ‘Dandelion’ a spin on his BBC 6 show, which will feature on the album, and you can find a number of original works by Natalie on ‘Calm’, the #1 sleep & meditation app.

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