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The Local Art Scene is a directory of local art galleries, clubs, artists, suppliers and events in towns and cities across the UK.

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The Local Art Scene was launched in 2016 and is viewed on average over 60,000 times a week by visitors looking for artists, galleries, exhibitions, suppliers and events in their local area.

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Please note that we are a human edited website and all adverts and listings are manually added by our listing team to ensure that the integrity of all our art scenes is maintained.

New Areas

If a country, region or town is not listed, we will create a new art scene at your request!


My town isn't listed
If your region, town or catagory is not currently listed, it will be created at your request.

Can anyone advertise on The Local Art Scene?
As long as you have an involvement in the arts, you can advertise here. You can be an artist, art gallery, art supplier, art studio, art club, art tutor, art exhibition or event organiser.

Do I have to create my own advert?
No. We do it all for you. We will resize your images and upload your advert for you at no extra cost.

How many hits does The Local Art Scene get a year?
It fluctuates depending upon the time of the year, but on average The Local Art Scene gets over 3.9 million hits to the website each year.

Do you advertise the website?
Yes, we advertise on Facebook, Instagram and on Google searches.

How long has The Local Art Scene been around?
The website was launched in November 2016.

Do you do any of your own events?
Yes. Pre Covid 19, we put on our own pop-up gallery events in Hampshire and invited our advertisers to participate. We are planning new events in 2021.

Can I promote my open studios and event?
Yes. Your advert allows you to add a forthcoming event and date, which shows up in the local searches.