Trina Hart

Trina Studio

My life has been one of creativity coming from a background in publishing and writing, but to me there is no better expression than that of image and colour, no other medium can better convey the turbulent mood and temperament of the times in which we live. The landscape that society offers up is one that is so dynamic, colourful and radiant that at times it is almost impossible to grapple with the creative juices and decide which way to go.

I have enjoyed a degree of success with work being sold and selected for various open exhibitions, in particular St Barbes in Lymington, Hants, which is my home town. I have participated many pop up exhibitions including Bucklers Hard and Lepe Park, and I fronted a charity exhibition at Stanwell House Hotel which resulted in a sale of one of the pieces I exhibited.

I enjoy painting the human form, and try where possible to include figurate work in the landscape. My style is evolving and changing constantly. It’s an ongoing work in progress.

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