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Salt Marsh Gallery

You will get a warm welcome from Ed and Tanya Ingleton who run The Salt Marsh Gallery where you can then see their edited collection inspired by their coastal surroundings. There is a wonderful mix of art for the home and garden, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery, home accessories, gifts and quirky vintage pieces. Working with local and national artists there is a wide range of choice for people wanting something unique and affordable. Now established for over 3 years it is a destination for art lovers from all over the country.

They have built relationships with many artists. Current painters exhibiting in the gallery include Hannya Robinson, Tony Slade, Alison Orchard, Heather Jolliffe, Maureen Davies, Lindsey Cole, Jane Corner, Hilary Linda, Sam Gabriel, Steven Ferguson.

They are also showcasing ceramicists and sculptors they have found on their travels like Roy Dutton who makes fantastic metal sculptures from upcycled tools and wood; Christine Cummings, Paul Harvey, David Meredith, Jane Silk, Ali Tomlin, Craig Underhill, Michelle Hall and Terri Smart.

The courtyard garden at the gallery is an unexpected delight with art and garden features. Bird baths and feeders, sculptural metal work, gilded flowers and leaves, sculpture on stone and stainless-steel kinetic balls to mesmerise.

Take a walk to the top of Lymington and be inspired by the area fast becoming the Artist Quarter of Lymington with a number of galleries and shops including The Salt Marsh Gallery.

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