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The Gallery of Everything

The Gallery of Everything is London’s first and only commercial space dedicated to non-academic and private art-making. The gallery's roster includes major historical master artists and newly discovered authors and creators. events include group and solo exhibitions, talks, readings and happenings. All proceeds from sales support the museum of everything, a british non-profit organisation, committed to the advancement, integration and celebration of artists and makers beyond the cultural mainstream.

Current Exhibition

I am a missionary of Christ before I’m an artist. Sister Gertrude Morgan (1973)

Photographed by Lee Friedlander, lionised by Andy Warhol, re-mixed by King Britt, the remarkable Sister Gertrude Morgan (née Gertrude Williams) was a rare and rarified figure in the aesthetic history of 20th century America: a confident female artist, whose visceral image-making went hand-in-hand with the saving of souls. The Everlasting Faith Mission of Sister Gertrude Morgan is the first major gallery exhibition of work to be seen in a European context.

Sister Gertrude was strong and frisky. She described to me how God came to her in a dream, and told her to stop playing the guitar and instead to illustrate the Bible. But God did not say anything about stopping playing the tambourine, so she continued with that. Lee Friedlander, photographer (2009)

4 Chiltern Street, London, W1
+44 207 486 8908
Event/Exhibition Name
The Everlasting Faith Mission of Sister Gertrude Morgan
Event/Exhibition Date
04 September - 24 December 2020